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Mission & Values

Our Mission

By 2020, to motivate 100 kids to attain post high school education through mentoring, small groups and after school programs.

Our Vision

To inspire kids to be relationally successful and break their cycle of poverty.

Our Core Values

As disciples of Jesus Christ who, as Lord of our hearts and lives, is therefore, the Lord of our work, we are committed to the disciplines of...


Through God, by prayer, all things are possible, especially changed lives.


We believe our staff is stronger together. We aim to prove this by persevering through struggles and conflicts and by celebrating our successes.

Leadership Development

Leadership must be multiplied. Our staff is provided opportunities to develop their abilities, feel the weight of extra burden, seize the initiative, and attain the power of final decision.

In order to affect…


We are building a community within our staff in order to reach the under-resourced in our greater community.

Through the means of…


As God is love and we are called to love Him and our neighbor, so love drives our staff and our ministry in the service of others.


The heart of our mission is to influence kids, families, and the community through one to one mentoring relationships

Character Development

Life skills training is an integral part of our mentoring, after school, and abstinence programs and is key to a kid’s future success.


Regardless of whether a kid attains our spiritual or academic goals, our unconditional love for that child will not waiver.


Our dedication to excellence involves not only demanding our work be above reproach, but to cast a vision of excellence within the community we are trying to reach. Since there is a correlation between excellence and achievement, breaking the poverty cycle through the acquisition of higher education and/or vocational skills is an inherent value of our mission.


Leadership must be multiplied. Our staff is provided opportunities to develop their abilities, feel the weight of extra burden, seize the initiative, and attain the power of final decision.

5-Year Strategic Plan

Since 1994, over 1000 students have been influenced though mentoring, small groups, camps and ball teams. Looking back, the 250 students who were in our program for at least 3 years were the most impacted. Dozens of these students attended or will attend college or post high school training. Therefore, to achieve our 2020 vision of impacting 500 youth, another 250 students participating for 3 years or more are needed. This will be accomplished by:

Serving the children of the central district of Johnson City through life-on-life relationship building and providing life skills training and tools with the hope that participants will become followers of Christ and positive contributors to our community.

  • Spiritual Formation– Participants will see themselves as God sees them with a sign of tangible and regular spiritual input in their lives (e.g. profession of faith in Christ, regular involvement in a home church, ministry involvement, etc.)
  • Life Skill Development
    • Character (sharing Rise Up! values and positively contributing to our community
    • Social (expressing feelings appropriately, controlling anger, decision making)
    • Academic (equipped and proactively pursuing post high school education)

Committing to the belief that supporting and inspiring our current students (and their mentor/small group leader) is of greater priority than meeting the needs of the many students. We will support our students through these specific ways.

  • Providing long-term small groups
    • Serve 70-80 children (7 elementary small groups) by 2013 and 20 children by 2016
  • Strengthening one-on-one Mentoring- provide mentors for each Small Group youth
  • Increasing after school programming
    • Re-establish Quest Day to drive spiritual development
    • Increased emphasis on our Servant and Leadership Training (SALT) program (job training)
  • Enhancing the long-term partnership between Rise Up! and Grace Fellowship Church to serve the Mountain View Elementary School and community with the goal of providing 10 children with a post-high school education
    • Meeting the basic needs of the school and its families
    • Providing educational support
    • Encouraging parent involvement
    • Developing mentoring relationships

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