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Success Story- Natisha

Natisha is a single mom to four wonderful children (ages 10-16) who are involved with Rise Up! through both mentoring and our SKIA Program. She first learned about Rise Up! several years ago through her daughter’s teacher who thought Natisha’s family could really benefit from Rise Up! The teacher’s husband also happens to be a [...]

Success Story- Caroline

Caroline Kangwa moved to the United States in 2000 and then in 2007 moved to Tennessee. Caroline is a single mom to three of our SKIA kids: George and Georgia are twins and will be in the 6th grade and Darrell will be in the 9th grade. Caroline is also a full time nursing student [...]

Success Story- Tony

Tony began his journey with Rise Up! when he was in the second grade. He had a friend, Triston, who was attending Boys to Men regularly. One day, Triston invited Tony to join him. During those first few years of Tony’s participation, Boys to Men was meeting in a church. Tony remembers playing battleball in […]

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