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Success Story- Natisha

Success Story- Natisha

Success Story- Natisha

Natisha is a single mom to four wonderful children (ages 10-16) who are involved with Rise Up! through both mentoring and our SKIA Program.

She first learned about Rise Up! several years ago through her daughter’s teacher who thought Natisha’s family could really benefit from Rise Up! The teacher’s husband also happens to be a mentor.

After inquiring about the opportunities and support that Rise Up! offers families who have an incarcerated family member, she soon realized God had directed her path. Natisha had recently divorced her husband who is in prison until 2016. Single, financially unstable, a full time college student and struggling emotionally, Natisha has found many blessings from the relationships that have been built through Rise Up!

Xavier,16 speaks so highly of his mentor of 3 years, J.D. Scott. “J.D. has taught me so much about what is right and what is important, which is God! He spends time with me, listens to me and has invited me to be a part of his family.” Recently, Xavier was honored to be an usher in J.D.’s wedding. Natisha says that Xavier has grown so much through learning how to express himself and his feelings as well as growing in his spiritual life.

The children’s father is very grateful that his children have strong role models who can support them and walk along side them and give them what he is unable to. He is thankful for Rise Up! and all that continues to be done.

Due to Natisha’s schedule and demands, SKIA, a safe, loving place for her children to go and be nurtured, has met many of her basic needs. Simply having her children eat a healthy meal daily has helped alleviate some of her burdens. “I love Rise Up! for so many reasons; one being the values they teach my children. Unlike other programs, my girls have gained a greater appreciation for themselves, others and God.” The girls participated in their first organized sports team through Rise Up!

This year has been extremely difficult. Besides adjusting to having an incarcerated parent and the normal daily strains of life, a very involved and supportive grandfather passed away after a long sickness and surgery.

But recently, Jaleisa came to Miss Sherry and asked if she knew what the three most important words spoken were. Miss Sherry said,”No.” Jaleisa pronounced, “It is finished.”

God is always at work. Rise Up! is so thankful to have this family as part of their family.