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You Just Never Know

You Just Never Know

You Just Never Know

I often tell people, “I can’t guarantee success if you mentor a relationally poor child, I only know what will happen if you don’t.” The other night, this principal proved so true in three different conversations I had.

The first conversation was with a 12 year old who’s grandfather had just passed away. I was the first person that he shared his heart with and I was able to share my own story of my grandparents passing and its process. It was a truly organic mentoring moment.

The second conversation was with a graduate of our program who had started welding school. He has worked at Burger King for four years (which in the fast food world, is a very long time) when he was younger. He could have gone either way – end up a system kid, or become independent. My heart was bursting with pride as we talked.

The last conversation was with a father who was in our program back in the early days of Rise Up. To be able to give fathering advice to a former student was not something I even thought of years ago, but here I was. He was a wild child back then, but made it through to become a good father.

All three of these were cases of not knowing the impact or outcome of a simple mentoring moment. So if you’re struggling, just remember: “You Just Never Know.”

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