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S.K.I.A., Sending Kids Into Action, is Rise Up’s after school program for students in kindergarten through 5th grade.

Our program is Monday-Friday and we serve students from Mountain View, North Side, Fairmont, and Indian Trail.

Our students are brought to The Refuge from school where they are given a snack, get help with their homework, have a special class each day, and are fed a healthy dinner.

Next Level

Next Level is our program for 6th grade and up.

At Next Level, they do many of the same things done in S.K.I.A., such as homework help and meals, but also focuses on preparing kids for the next step – whether it be college prep, trade school, military, or something else.

We also help them explore their interests through “Passion Opportunities.”
Passion Ops give our youth the chance to experience things they may not otherwise have the chance to. These include golf, dance, music, touring businesses around the community, and visiting colleges.

The Purpose Of After School Programs

To impact the academic, social, and emotional needs of students by providing positive relationships, tutoring, homework assistance, enrichment activities, outings, and life skill training.