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Anxious Times Pt. 2

Anxious Times Pt. 2

Anxious Times Pt. 2

Youth today don’t move or play like they did once, and many factors help contribute to this. The rise of video games, crisis of families, and more entertainment options are among some of the primary contributors, resulting in loss of positive brain chemicals that reduce anxiety.

Two other factor contribute to the rise of anxiety; solitary lifestyles, and saturated lifestyles. Kids today are virtually connected globally, but spend more time alone than past generations. Screen to screen has replaced face to face, research indicates that limiting to less than two hours of screen time can actually reduce anxiety in youth. More than this casques youth to become vulnerable to rising angst.

Our kids need us. Not sharing our devices, but our presence. If you are mentoring or handing out with kids, make some agreed-upon time that you won’t have your phone, and just be fully present. This simple personal connection may result in helping them become fully alive.

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