It’s Pie O’clock Somewhere!

“It’s Pie O’clock Somewhere!” By Damon Scism Passing out pies every year has become a fun tradition for all of us at Rise Up. Personally, I love it—I get to hang out with my friends. And I get to meet new people and get to pray for them, or even just make their day. Me, […]

The Pumpkin Pie Fiasco

“The Pumpkin Pie Fiasco” by Micah Morefield It was a light and sunny morning. Sabra, Damon, Junior, Will, Ms. Jas and I were passing out pies. It was Will’s turn to pass out pies. We walked into a bank with 5 pies. Will walked up to accountant and ask if they wanted pies. When Will […]

Giving Away Pies

“Giving Away Pies” By Garman and Gwen Owah Giving away pumpkin pies was a milestone, because there was time and dedication put into making them.  There was hustle and hard work.  In baking the pumpkin pies, there were precise measurements. We gave back to the community and to the places that helped SKIA become what […]