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Our Mission

By 2027, to inspire another 100 youth to succeed through small groups, after school, and individual mentoring.

Our Vision

To inspire kids to be relationally successful and prepared for the future

Our Core Values

We believe that youth who come to Rise Up...

Belong Here

Everyone needs family and community to thrive

Never Just ACt Out

If they are walking outside the lines, we must ask “why is this kid acting this way,” or, “what happened to you?”

Should be prayed for

Regardless if one is inclined to pray or not, everyone should have someone who will, just for a moment, think heavenly thoughts of them.

Have Great Futures

We are called to help them realize it

Need Acceptance

Every youth’s story is different, but all need to be accepted and loved without judgement, which is different from approval

Will know that god loves them

We are a traditional Christ-based program, but emphasize that not everyone will think, act, or believe as we do. However, all should believe they are loved by us.

Need Cheerleaders and coaches

The need to be taught life skills (coaches) and told they have what it takes and are unique and divinely made (cheerleaders)

Learn to think

Youth need to be tender hearted but tough minded, and be able to think truthfully in a world that sends so many messages of “you’re not enough,” and “think only of yourself”

5-Year Strategic Plan

Since 1994, over 1000 students have attended our afterschool programs for some duration. Many others attended our small groups or relational education classes.
During that time, youth who participated 3 years or longer achieved the greatest outcomes short and long-term success - thus leading to the goal of; by 2020, have 100 youth who attended 3 years or more go on to be gainfully employed, attend college or trade schoool, or go into the military.

We are pleased to say that we will achieve this by 2021, so now we will focus on The Next 100!

Serving the children who attend our program through life-on-life relationships and providing life skills and tools with the hope that participants will see themselves as God sees them, and live productive lives that contribute to our community.

  • Life Skill Development
    • Character – sharing Rise Up! values and positively contributing to our community
    • Social – expressing feelings appropriately, controlling anger, decision making
    • Mental – support their education, teach critical and truthful thinking
    • Relationships – all of life is an interconnection of ten types of relationships: friends, employees, neighbors, parents, spouses, teachers, citizens, romance, students, and God. All require common skills to be successful.
    • Job Readiness – youth need to learn job skills prior to employment, which is difficult to learn at home. We provide opportunities to learn and earn to be prepared.

Committing to the belief that supporting and inspiring our current students (and their mentor/small group leader) is of greater priority than trying to do a little for a lot.

We will support our students through these specific ways:

  • Providing long-term small groups
  • Strengthening one-on-one Mentoring- provide mentors for each Small Group youth that requests one
  • Implementing CLT (Coaches Leadership Training) – a job readiness and leadership development program
  • Providing a robust social/emotional environment in our after school program
  • Providing unique experiences for youth that could become a lifelong passion (art, sports, etc.)

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