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What are Small Groups?

Our small groups, called “Girlfriends” and “Boys to Men”, meet on a weekly basis. In these small groups relationships are established and expanded over the students’ years of participation. Character training, decision making, social skills, self-esteem, purity, healthy relationships, and community service projects are just some of the topics discussed in these groups.

Coach's Leadership Training

Our newest life prep program is CLT, Coach’s Leadership Training. Our newest life prep program. Many youth today may graduate, high school or college and still not be job-ready. Employers report that many new employees lack what was once considered common social skills. This may have multiple reasons, but certainly the rise of screen time is a major contributor. In CLT we use a stipend-based program to teach social skills and employment training such as being on time, clocking in and out, going the extra mile, setting goals, and more in order to prepare them for successful futures as employees. As we say, “If a first year CLT youth was hired by McDonalds after one week, they would be a the best employee there.” Youth, along with their parents, have to apply to participate in CLT.

The Purpose of Small Groups

To have fun and learn to be a man or woman of character who does right. We prepare students for post high school education, training, or college.