Andrew Clawson

Andrew first started attending Rise Up at the age of 8 (then called Boys to Men). He attended Coach Marion’s BTM group weekly. Andrew was well loved by all of the youth. Like many of the boys, he quickly fell in love with the game of basketball. It was not unusual for his teams to play 40+ games per season. Although his teams won many trophies, it was the life lessons that he and the others learned that helped shape them into the men they are today. These lessons included being a supportive teammate, overcoming adversity, being coachable, and learning to lead.

Like others, Andrew had some obstacles to overcome. Some were self-induced and others were placed upon him. However, with determination and support, he went on to become successful!

Currently he is a labor management analyst for Ballad Health. Although he has a deep passion for everything Florida Gators, that did not stop the lovely Brooke (his high school sweetheart) from marrying him in 2016. In the past year, they bought their first home and celebrated the arrival of their beautiful daughter, Addison.

At Rise Up, we teach boys that they are men in training. Andrew, we are proud of the man you have become!