Katelyn Crowder

Katelyn has been a part of the Rise Up family since she was six. At that time, she became a mentee of Robin DeMonaco. She had to overcome many obstacles, but with her mentor’s support and her own determination, Katelyn is on her way to doing great things with her life.

Throughout the years, Robin and Katelyn experienced many highs and lows. A highlight was being chosen by the Department of Justice as one of the most outstanding mentor/mentee matches supported by their grant. This resulted in them being hosted at the White House and enjoying lunch with the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Robin would often say to Katelyn, “just say no,” in helping her make decisions. Robin would tightly hug her and ask Katelyn if she could feel the love transferring. Katelyn worked all the way through high school while purchasing all of her own clothes, school supplies, and even her own car. Recently she graduated from NE State and will pursue a job helping youth who are part of the system.

When Katelyn reflects upon her time spent with Robin, she says things like, “She was a light in my life,” and “She guided me to do the right thing,” and “I’m truly forever grateful to her!” We are so proud of Katelyn.