“The Pumpkin Pie Fiasco”

by Micah Morefield

It was a light and sunny morning. Sabra, Damon, Junior, Will, Ms. Jas and I were passing out pies. It was Will’s turn to pass out pies. We walked into a bank with 5 pies. Will walked up to accountant and ask if they wanted pies. When Will tried to explain what Rise Up is, he said that Rise Up was a children’s home. WE ARE NOT A CHILDREN’S HOME! So Junior turns to me and says, “Micah! Go grab Ms. Jas!”

So, I run out to the bus where Ms. Jas is. While I’m running to her, the bank makes out a check for $500! Ms. Jas runs inside and tells the accountant that we are not a children’s home. We stayed at the bank for at least twenty minutes. The bank still gave us the check (probably because they had already made it out.) This was the infamous Pumpkin Pie Fiasco!